Do you stay? Do you go?

As the lease expiry date approaches businesses will be considering their next move. Perhaps the business is outgrowing the current space and needs to contemplate moving to a different location. Or perhaps its hoping to stay in the existing site and renew the lease, on better terms.

Arming businesses with data driven information to make informed, cost saving, decisions about their next move.

There are several factors to consider when making a decision to renewal your lease and stay in an existing location or relocate to another site. We looks at all elements of the market - from the current economic conditions including rent and vacancy rates, the cost of satisfying make-good obligations under your existing lease and whether the current space will support future business growth.

You can review our four step process below. It's simple. It's logical. It saves businesses time and money.

In-depth Audit

Liberty Leasing carries out a comprehensive review of the existing lease to determine occupancy costs, the costs involved in departing the premises (e.g. make-good) rations, how the existing space works for the business and we come to understand any foreseeable changes for the business that might impact its requirements over the next 5-10 years.

Market Research

We source and analyse the best alternative leasing options. At this stage, we carry out a process which replicates our site selection process. These steps are inclusive of briefing the market of the businesses requirements, sourcing off-market properties and reviewing submissions from Landlords and their agents.

Negotiate Key Terms

Simultaneously to carrying out the site selection process for alternative locations, we negotiate the key terms, reflective of current market conditions, of a potential lease renewal with the existing Landlord.

Comprehensive Comparison

We provide a detailed comparison and cost vs benefit analysis so that you can make a data drive decision based on real-time lease offers and market insight.

If you don't know your options, you don't have any.