Lease Negotiation: An art and a science.

Liberty Leasing are skilful negotiators. We utilise our industry network, market intelligence and top-tier backgrounds to deliver our clients a seamless lease transaction on commercially beneficial terms.

What do we negotiate?

Before Liberty Leasing was founded, we spent over a decade representing major national Landlords. We've been involved in hundreds of lease negotiations. This experience provides us with an unparalleled insight into what we can achieve for Tenants during their lease negotiation. Engaging us as your independent lease negotiator protects your relationship with the Landlord, which is an intrinsically valuable business relationship. Our involvement means that the transaction is kept at an arms-length and free of tension.

Our approach to lease negotiations centres around communication, pragmatism and an in-depth knowledge of the leasing process. This approach allows us to readily resolve contentious issues and take a holistic approach to the negotiations.

Heads of Agreement / Letter of Offer

Agreement for Lease

New Leases & Lease Renewals

Surrender of Lease

What we achieve.


The lowest rents.

We have access to a tremendous amount of historical and current leasing data. It is often unrealised that advertised rentals are often considerably apart form the true market value. We combine this data with our stella negotiation skills to secure our client's the lowest market rent.


The highest incentives.

Incentives are confidential inducements made by the Landlord to the Tenant. Given the confidential nature, we leverage off our market knowledge to determine and negotiate an incentive that is reflective of the current climate.


Flexible terms.

We make sure that our clients have fair and reasonable exit options if they need to end their lease early, works provisions that aren't going to delay our client from making branding changes within their premises and fitout buy-back options.