We are Liberty Leasing.
A commercial representation firm exclusively for tenants.

Our primary is mission to empower tenants. We certainly succeed in doing so - and that is true whether you have one location or twenty. In a leasing transaction, Landlord's have a third party negotiating on their behalf and acting in their best interest. This creates power imbalance between Landlords and Tenants. The role of our tenant representatives is to restore that balance of power and advocate on the behalf of Tenant's.

Our most valuable commodities are time & money. And that is what we give more of to our clients through our commercial tenant representation.
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Our Services.

Site Selection

We do all the heavy lifting when finding our clients the ideal commercial or retail space. From briefing the market and reviewing Landlord submissions to conducting site inspections and negotiating commercial terms across several suitable properties.

Lease Negotiation

Our tenant representatives are negotiation experts who secure our clients the lowest rents and highest incentives across retail and commercial assets. Liberty Leasing are able to negotiate the commercial terms of all forms of leasing related transactions.

Stay vs Relocation

Weighing up the cost and benefits of renewing your existing lease vs relocating to another location, based on real time market insights and comparative lease offers. We help businesses make informed, data driven, decisions to generate significant savings.

Early Exit

If you need to end your lease early, we can develop an early exit strategy that minimises both risk and loss. This may occur through surrender, assignment or sublease. We negotiate the exit terms with the Landlord and manage the transaction from start to finish.







Our Company Values.


Changing the property culture to mean open, honest and sincere.

Social Responsibility

Giving back to organisations that seek to support those members of our community that have been disenfranchised.

Conflict Free

We are a proud participant of the femeconomy, with a company culture of inclusivity and diversity.


In a standard leasing transaction we save our clients up to 30% across the lease term.

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